Corrugated Cardboard is a product which is obtained by covering the below or top layer of one or more corrugated layers with plain paper. Corrugated Cardboards are the most multi-functional and important packages all over the world. According to estimations, corrugated cardboards are included in one step of the shipment and delivery of %90 of the consumer products all over the world.

The raw material for corrugated cardboards is of paper group; the manufacture of which is the most wide-spread all around the world. The corrugated cardboards that are manufactured by means of variable paper types and thus, being durable and long-lasting when compared to other packaging alternatives made of other papers and cartons is one of the new-generation packaging solutions with a very wide range of intended use and are obtained by placing a third layer of paper named Ondule (curled) with various curls between two plates and bonding it under pressure. The varieties of Corrugated Cardboards which undergo an effective way especially while packaging high volume and tonnage products and while shipping them in a safe way also play an important role for extending the shelf-lives of the products they involve and protect their appearances on the first day of their production. This method of packaging which prevents the negative factors sneak inside by providing the balance of warmth and coldness via air-flows that move inside the corrugations of different shapes that are put forth by means of their special design, constitutes a significant fact especially for the Food Sector.

The corrugated cardboards that are manufactured from 1st Class materials by using modern techniques in our factory which involves the most updated technologies are offered to your service in hundreds of sizes and every kind of alternatives for different needs. Apart from answering the needs, we offer high quality of service to our customers by means of the aesthetics of our products.

Furthermore, we are quite assertive about production in accordance with different orders and delivering the products to every corner of Turkey in a safe way.

One-sided corrugated cardboards (Ondule); it is the corrugated cardboard that is obtained by covering only one side of a corrugated layer with plain layer.
One wavy corrugated cardboard; it is the corrugated cardboard that is obtained by covering both side of a corrugated layer with plain layer.
Double-waved corrugated cardboard; it is corrugated cardboard that is obtained by covering bottom and top layers of the corrugated layers that are bonded on bottom and top surfaces of a plain layer with a plain layer.



  • White Top Kraft (125 gr,140 gr)
  • White Testliner (125 gr, 140 gr)
  • Non Water Finished Kraftliner (100 gr,115 gr, 125 gr,140 gr, 165 gr)
  • Brown Testliner (90 gr, 100 gr, 110 gr)
  • Fluting (80 gr, 90 gr, 100 gr, 120 gr, 140 gr)
  • Coated White top (125 gr,140 gr)
  • NSSC (127 gr, 140 gr, 165 gr)


Friendly against the nature, %100 recyclable packages...